Plans and Programs

Plans and Programs 2009
  • Facrication/Construction of 3 stalls (for rent)
  • Construction of Barangay Welcome Arc
  • Rehabilitation of Hall
  • Solid Waste and Management Programs HES
  • Repair and maintenance of Public Plaza and Public Facilities
  • Repair of Drainage Canal Mangga St, Sibacan Rd.
  • Maintenance of Street Lights
  • Construction of Day Care Center

Action Plan of Activities
  • To raise fund     
    • Thru raffle
    • Taebo and Aerobics
    • Solicitation
    • Tiange Lingo – Lingo sa Barangay Doña Francisca
  • Disseminate information dengue awareness project to win cooperation and community involvement of residents.
  • To lead street cleaning, sweeping canal deluging to increase source of food sustenance and livelihood of the residents.
  • To repair / improve existing toilet facilities
  • To maintain services of clean and green project of the Barangay.
  • To maintain and meet the Barangay goal and objectives our “Best Sanitation Practices” Clean and Green.

Barangay Activities
  • Gathering of water sample for water testing for potability and posting signage as to its potability.
  • Ponsting and or placing slogan and signage at strategies area for Clean and Green Project.
  • Involve / Coordinate all NGO’s, GO’s, Church organization and businessman and residents.
  • Implementation of Brgy. Resolution/City Ordinances.
  • Assist City Treasurer in Tax Collection Drive.
  • Promotion of “Tiange Lingo Lingo sa Doña Francisca” project.
  • Organize of a multiple purpose Cooperative.
  • Backyard gardening, tree planting, headed by S.B., S.K., Brgy. Tanod and Purok Leaders.
  • Street and Park cleaning and sweeping, canal drainage de clogging and cleaning.
  • Coordinate to Transco to utilize some areas/lots under the transmission line or high tension wire for use of nabubulok garbage as sanitary garbage fit.